Welcome to the James Bay Community Project

The James Bay Community Project is a community centre which provides Family, Community and Volunteer Services. Our programs and services seek to enable connections and build resilience through a variety of programs and services for all ages.

JBCP provides opportunities for volunteerism and participation in community life, and works in partnership with many other agencies and organizations.

JBCP is a non-profit society (James Bay Health and Community Services Society), with a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our Vision

A community of connected, resilient people.

Our Slogan

Building community together.

Our Mission

The James Bay Community Project’s mission is to build resilience through connections. We operate and facilitate programs and services that support families, youth, seniors and individuals and groups.

Our History

In the early 1970’s James Bay citizens formed the James Bay Community Association (JBCA) in response to the City of Victoria’s proposal for high density land development in James Bay. The JBCA was successful in lobbying City Council to zone James Bay for single family/duplex homes, thereby saving many existing houses. The JBCA went on to become involved in the development of a community elementary school with recreational programming.

In 1973, the JBCA, the James Bay Community School and the local Human Resources office began meeting regularly to discuss community issues and planning for health, education, recreation and human resource developments. They submitted a proposal to the provincial government for a medical clinic integrated with Human Resources and in 1975 became one of four “Community Human Resources and Health Centre” pilot projects in BC. These projects were legislated by the Community Resources Board Act and were responsible for the delivery of health and social services in their local areas. In 1984, the Community Resources Board Act was rescinded and JBCP was reconstituted under the Societies Act as the James Bay Health and Community Services Society.

Over the past 40 years, JBCP has operated a variety of programs and services, reflecting the changing needs and interests of the community. Many of the community initiatives that were developed during this period have gone on to become independent organizations in James Bay (e.g. Neighbourhood Environment Association, James Bay Market, the Beacon newspaper, Birdcages Housing Society, the Victoria Cooperative Health Clinic, and the Youth Clinic). In 1990, JBCP bought and renovated the building at 547 Michigan Street as part of a dream to house medical, home support and community services “under one roof”. In 1997 a successful fund-raising campaign resulted in the expansion of the building, doubling space and allowing all the services of JBCP to be located together in order to increase integration of services.