JBCP is lucky enough to have one particular, generous donor who gives to us year over year.

Not only does he give us a generous donation of $1000.00, he adds another $30.00 to pay the credit card and banking fees, to be sure we get the complete amount he meant for JBCP!

He asks us to ask other donors to do the same thing.

James Bay Community Project asks you to donate.
We need your help to continue helping others!

Because of COVID-19, life is harder for many people.
JBCP pivoted to deliver services to those asked to stay home.
JBCP lost 20% of its income when The Community Closet Thrift Store had to temporarily close. JBCP’s annual campaign has raised a fraction of the usual amount.
It’s now time to ask directly: Please donate money to JBCP.

You can print out the donation form on the website.
Go to www.jbcp.bc.ca/donate