James Bay Community Project is founded on a belief that volunteerism and participation in the community benefits the health and wellness of all as people connect to one another and have the opportunity for meaningful experiences.

Community Programs & Services

The JBCP encompasses many community services, including:


Due to the current health protocols, our community programs are on hold or have been modified to safeguard the health of our community. If they are running, pre-registration is required.

Please contact us for more information by emailing askus@jbcp.bc.ca or phone 250.388.7844 on weekday mornings (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to noon).

Your Community Needs You

If you value the programs and services that James Bay Community Project offers, please consider making a donation. Your gift will help ensure we can keep vital services and support available in your community for lower-income seniors, families and youth.

Much thanks for your generosity and kindness during this time.

Help build resilience in your community.


Tax Preparation Assistance

Our volunteers work in partnership with Canada Revenue Agency to provide the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

This program runs annually from the beginning of March and into April. It is limited to those with a lower income and who have a simple tax return. 

Please read below for more details: 


1. Income requirements:

  • under $35,000 per individual
  • under $45,000 per couple
  • under $35,000 per three-person family, plus $2,500 for each additional dependent.

2. You must have a simple return:

  • no self-employment income;
  • no business or rental income and expenses;
  • no capital gains or losses;
  • no employment expenses;
  • no bankruptcy;
  • no deceased persons filing;
  • no interest income of more than $1,000. 

About the 2022 clinic:

  • This is a drop-off & pick-up clinic only.
  • No assistance is available to fill out your taxes, due to current public health orders & the capacity of staff & volunteers. Thanks for your understanding on this.
  • Pick up your tax filing package at 547 Michigan St. between 8:30 a.m. & noon, Monday to Friday.
  • Complete your info sheet at home & return it to us to be filed online by a volunteer trained by the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

For more info:

Email: askus@jbcp.bc.ca

Phone: 250-388-7844 between 8:30 a.m. & noon, Monday to Friday

Closed: weekends & stat holidays