James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Here is the link to the Island Health website where new info will appear:


Island Health will post updates to the Attachment process there, once information is available, likely in the new year. Island Health aspires to have, before opening, the Attachment Request Intake Form posted on that web page. People will have to complete and submit that form to be added to the registry, noting that only residents of James Bay and Fairfield will be attached, although anyone can use the same day urgent care clinic.

In May 2018, government announced the renewed primary care strategy, with a commitment to getting people the care that they need, faster. A key part of that plan is the implementation of Urgent and Primary Care Centres (UPCC) in select BC communities where there is an identified need. Island Health is establishing a UPCC in James Bay, expected to open in March 2020. The Centre will provide same-day access to primary care, delivered by a doctor, nurse practitioner or allied health care professional. People who do not have a family doctor or a nurse practitioner, as well as those who do but may not be able to see them right away, will be welcome at the Centre. The Centre will treat those with illnesses or injuries that need to be seen within a day, but do not need an emergency department.

The Centre will also help people who do not have a doctor/nurse practitioner to get one by ‘attaching’ them to the Centre or into primary care practices in the community. The Centre will offer booked appointments for attached patients and drop-in care for those without appointments.

The James Bay UPCC is excited to bring team-based care to the community. This ensures patients get the right care, at the right time, by the appropriate health care provider, which may be a family doctor, a nurse practitioner, nurse or mental health substance use clinician – whichever is most appropriate.

Q: How long do I have to wait to find out if I get attached to a doctor or nurse practitioner?
A: Attachment wait times will vary and depend on both doctor and nurse practitioner staffing and demand from the community.

Q: Who can use the Centre and who can get attached?
A: The urgent and primary care centre will serve as an access point to support attaching patients to a provider either at the UPCC or within the community.

Q: How do I get a doctor/nurse practitioner at the James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre?
When the UPCC opens in 2020, people without a doctor or nurse practitioner who live in the James Bay/Fairfield areas will be eligible for attachment. The attachment process is still under development. At this time, people cannot add their name to an attachment request list. Information about the attachment process, and how you can register, is available above and on the Island Health website:https://www.islandhealth.ca/our-locations/hospitals-health-centre-locations/james-bay-urgent-and-primary-care-centre

 Q: Can I choose the type and the specific individual doctor or nurse practitioner I will be attached to?
A: People will be attached to the most appropriate health-care provider, based on their health needs. While people are not able to specify a specific individual health care provider, they can say whether they prefer a male or female provider.

Q: Will my family be attached too?
A: Every effort will be made to attach direct family members living in the same household, if they do not already have a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Please do not call the James Bay Community Project about this clinic as this clinic is an Island Health initiative. Island Health will post more information on its website as it becomes available.