Our volunteers work in partnership with Canada Revenue Agency to provide the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

This is for for low-income individuals and families with simple tax requirements. The program runs from March 2 to April 30.

To be eligible: single people must have an income under $35,000, couples an income under $45,000, and single parents must have an an income under $35,000 plus $2,500 for each additional dependent.

Volunteers do not prepare complex returns, such as returns for individuals who:

  • have self-employment income;
  • have business or rental income and expenses;
  • have capital gains or losses;
  • have employment expenses;
  • file for bankruptcy;
  • are deceased persons;
  • have interest income of more than $1,000.

For more info, contact www.jbcp.bc.ca or askus@jbcp.bc.ca or 250-388-7844 Ext.0